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Capital Readiness & Technical Assistance Program

Arizona | California | Nevada | Navajo Nation | & Beyond

Fostering Growth, Bridging Gaps, and Transforming Futures

Welcome to the AZHCC’s Capital Readiness & Technical Assistance Program, where we are dedicated to providing capital (money) resources with the underlying goal of enhancing business growth, job creation, and access to multiple networks. Rooted in our Chamber’s core values, our program provides timely resources to the business and entrepreneur communities we serve.

What is the Capital Readiness Program?

Our program is distinguished by three key pillars that serve as the foundation of our approach:

Access to Capital

Our Program Experts provide technical assistance and one-on-one support to assist with locating contracting opportunities, as well as providing financial education, and finding loans, grants, and/or introductions to our investor networks.

Capacity Building

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand, our expert guidance will help you achieve your goals and expand your reach to local, state, nationwide, and global networks.

Access to Networks

Our customized webinars and trainings are focused on the needs of our nation’s business owners. In addition to providing capital education and resources, we assist businesses with marketing & branding, obtaining business-specific certifications, introductions to community partners, legal assistance, and more!


Through the AZHCC’s Capital Readiness
and Technical Program

Upcoming Meetings

Our Commitment

The AZHCC’s Capital Readiness & Technical Assistance program actively engages and prepares Program participants with knowledge and resources, by giving access to the following:

  • Access to Capital (ex. loans, grants, investors)
  • Financial Literacy Resources
  • Credit Review & Repair Services
  • Programs to Help Scale, Train, & Grow Workforce
  • Growth & Sustainability Services
  • Database of Contract Opportunities (private, public, and tribal)
  • Promotion of Businesses to Nationwide & Global Partners

We invite you to explore our website and contact our team to learn more about how we can support your business journey.